Five Things You Can Do to Get the Renewables First Act Passed

The Renewables First Act (RFA) is now an official bill, HB 1686 ! The RFA is only one in many steps in a long journey toward a zero-carbon energy future, but the bill packs a punch by making sure that the next 5,500 MW of electric generation capacity needed to meet demand growth in Virginia comes from renewables.

The RFA will come up for consideration during the upcoming General Assembly legislative session that stars on January 9, 2019. With your help to build support, we can get the RFA passed.

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Renewables First Act Endorsement Letter

In January, Zero Carbon Virginia will be meeting with legislators in Richmond to ask for their support of the Renewables First Act (RFA), HB 1686.  While in Richmond, we will deliver letters of endorsement for the bill to Delegates and Senators from their constituents and the organizations that endorse the bill. If you or your organization would like to endorse the Renewables First Act, you can:

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Support the Renewables First Act

The majority of Virginia’s electricity is based on burning fossil fuels, mainly natural gas and coal. The effects of the resulting climate change are all around us. For example, the six hottest years recorded have occurred over the last decade. Tens of millions of dollars are spent annually to harden Virginia’s coastal military bases against sea level rise. Science tells us that we must hold global temperature increases under 2°C (3.6°F), or suffer staggering economic and social upheaval. To realize this goal, the major economies must pursue ‘deep decarbonization’, reducing carbon emissions by approximately 80% by mid-century.

In addition to producing heat-trapping gases, the burning of fossil fuels produces particulates and gases, which cause toxic ground level ozone. This is a big problem in many parts of the developed and developing world, including Virginia (The American Lung Association gives out letter grades for air quality; Loudoun County’s air gets a ‘C’, Fairfax’s an ‘F’). Public health provides a second strong incentive to reduce fossil fuel-based energy production. We all have to do our part in reducing fossil fuel emissions, including Virginia. Delay is not an option.

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