Five Things You Can Do to Get the Renewables First Act Passed

The Renewables First Act (RFA) is now an official bill, HB 1686 ! The RFA is only one in many steps in a long journey toward a zero-carbon energy future, but the bill packs a punch by making sure that the next 5,500 MW of electric generation capacity needed to meet demand growth in Virginia comes from renewables.

The RFA will come up for consideration during the upcoming General Assembly legislative session that stars on January 9, 2019. With your help to build support, we can get the RFA passed.

So, here are five things you can do now to help get the RFA passed:

  • Add your name or your organization’s name to the list of those supporting the bill – you can do that here.
  • Call, email, or write your state Delegate or Senator and tell them that you support the Renewables First Act (HB 1686). If you are going to write or email, here is a template you can use to get started. You can find out who your elected representatives are at this website.
  • Meet with your legislator to ask them to support the Renewables First Act. You can download this one page handout to guide your discussion and leave behind when you meet with your legislator.
  • Spread the word about the Renewables First Act through your social media with #VARenewablesFirst as your hashtag (e.g. share our post, Support the Renewables First Act) and by talking to others about the bill whenever you get a chance.
  • Join our e-mail list, or follow us on Twitter to be notified of  opportunities to take action as the RFA makes its way through the Virginia General Assembly.

Thank you for your help and support!

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